Collaboration solves problems, ultimately providing the best solution for clients!

Advisers & Partnering

There are many disciplines that work to develop plans for business transition and succession planning. There is no one professional that has all of the expertise needed to guide a business owner through each stage and component of successfully transitioning or exit planning. Experts from many disciplines are essential to maximize an owner’s transition.

When your clients may be thinking about increasing the value of or transitioning out of their business, your involvement throughout the planning process increases your service offerings and brings additional value to your clients.

Crossroads Advisers believes in developing collaborative teams to serve every client. A team of trusted advisors provides a synergy and success that clients cannot achieve by working independently with various professionals. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and combine our area of expertise by partnering with yours to fill the gap in your advisory team. Our goal is to work as a catalyst that aligns with you and your clients related to business transition and succession.

Benefits to Working with Crossroads Advisers:

  • Integrating different professional expertise into one planning process
  • Create more value-added work for your firm
  • Expand your services beyond transaction oversight and due diligence including, estate planning, taxes, liabilities, and asset protection
  • Improve client relationships and retention with expanded services
  • Develop new professional contacts
  • Leverage your expertise and provide consultation throughout the process, not simply at closing
  • Increase your value to other clients with greater experience in the exit planning process


As an accountant, you play a key leadership role on the business owner’s advisory team, but your clients may have professional needs beyond the scope of your services. By utilizing Crossroads Advisers expertise, you can collaborate with trusted professionals to deliver a full-service approach to exit planning and help your clients become more successful.

Whether your clients are considering a transition out of their business in the near-term or years in the future, the big picture planning process has immediate value and provides a huge payoff.


As a professional, you understand the need and benefits that come with enhancing your relationship with your clients. You gain credibility when you provide trusted referrals that help your clients succeed. When you refer Crossroads Advisers we work to enhance your own relationship with clients, increasing the value-added services that you can provide.


Whenever a client is contemplating a future business transition, certain advisors should be involved as integral parts of the process. As the banker, you play a critical role in that process by identifying potential business transition opportunities. We recognize your value and see you as a trusted advisor.

As the pivot point for nearly all of the financing solutions and banking services, you provide a critical element in the business transition process. Through our alliance, you can improve client retention and acquisition. By collaborating with Crossroads Advisers you’ll gain the opportunity to provide more services to more clients.

Financial Advisors

You provide an important service to your clients. When it comes to a client’s business, a collaborative approach provides the best outcome for everyone.

Your clients look to you to help them alleviate their fear of not having adequate financial resources to retire. With clients who are business owners, the answer may not be clear cut and probably includes the transition or sale of the business. By collaborating with Crossroads Advisers, you are better positioned to help your clients understand their readiness (both financial and personal) to transition out of their businesses. You are a key player on the team. Our role is to allow you to leverage your expertise and provide the best possible solution.

Insurance Professionals

As an insurance professional, you understand the value of minimizing risk. During a business transition, it can be the difference between success and failure. Without the right insurance, the process can be jeopardized. By collaborating, you can leverage your expertise and knowledge and combine it with our in-depth experience in the transition process for the best possible outcome for your client.

We understand the valuable role you play to your clients and their businesses, and we want to build an alliance in order to deliver a full-service approach, helping your clients exit their businesses successfully. Your input from the outset of the exit planning process is invaluable in outlining insurance needs and removing obstacles from the ultimate transition.

Advising from a business owner’s perspective.

Crossroads Advisers is a specialized advisory firm serving family-owned or privately held businesses in a collaborative effort with other trusted advisers that recognizes the unique dynamics of business transition, succession and exiting; in addition to passenger transportation services solutions. All designed to provide positive business results and creative outcomes.

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