Business Transition Planning

Client Engagement Process

Engagement of Services for Transition/Succession/Exit Planning:

Step 1. How to Get Started:

We schedule an initial meeting where we will get to know you and your business, explain our methodology and mutually determine to move forward along with establish a time line for the process.

Step 2. Assessment/Discovery Interview:

We begin with a Business Transition Assessment and Discovery process that analyze over 35 business functions combined with personal and financial readiness factors. From this information, we formulate a detailed report that is designed around the Masters Planning Methodology three guiding principals:

  • Maximize Company Value
  • Personal and Business Financial Planning
  • Life Planning

Step 3. Reviewing the Report: Upon completion of the report Crossroads Advisers will meet with the business owner to review the findings, receive and offer feedback, along with determining the next course of action.

Step 4. Developing the Road-map:  Crossroads Advisers will work with the business owner to design the appropriate action plans, establish priorities, develop time lines and decide on who, when and what type of additional advisors may be required.

Step 5. Implementation of the Plan: We will begin to execute the strategies action plans and changes within the organization.

Step 6. Review and adjust: Here we will collect assess, receive feedback and collaborate with the business owner make adjustments to the plan.

Step 7. Goals obtained, business enterprise value goes up, Business owner is satisfied and Crossroads Advisers continues with a long and rewarding business relationship with the business owner!!!

Advising from a business owner’s perspective.

Crossroads Advisers is a specialized advisory firm serving family-owned or privately held businesses in a collaborative effort with other trusted advisers that recognizes the unique dynamics of business transition, succession and exiting; in addition to passenger transportation services solutions. All designed to provide positive business results and creative outcomes.

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